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Year: Freshman
Dancing for: Butch Bollinger, Raymond Price, and Warren DeArment
Bio: Hi, My name is AnneElyse DeArment and this is my first year participating in Wake N Shake as a freshman. I’ve been a dancer all my life and I’m involved in the hiphop dance crew, Momentum, at Wake. I was really moved to get involved and try to raise money for such a great fund such as the Brian Piccolo Cancer research fund. My two great uncles, Butch Bollinger and Raymond Price, fought and lost their lives to cancer and my grandfather, Warren DeArment, fought against Prostate cancer. I will be dancing all 12 hours for them as well as any of those in the battle of cancer and those who lost their lives. Any amount helps to donate and it goes to the research of a great cause. Thank you!

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AnneElyse DeArment ΔΔΔ – Delta Delta Delta

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